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Artificial Intelligence & Mongolian Information Process Research Lab, School of Computer Science, Inner Mongolia University.

This research lab is based on the Key Laboratory of Mongolian information processing of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It focused on Mongolian information research and artificial intelligence from 1980’s. It took on several National ‘863’ projects, National ‘973’ project, National Natural Science Fund projects, Electronic Information Industry Development Fund projects, and earned 3 second-level Science and Technology Progress Prize of Inner Mongolia and 1 third-level. It developed first Mongolian Typeset System, first Printed Mongolian OCR system, first Mongolian Speech Recognition System based on Large Vocabulary, English-Mongolian-Chinese Computer Dictionary, first Mongolian Information Retrieval System. The Mongolian Operating System and the Mongolian Office Suit which co-developed with Standard Software Company have come into market. The Mongolian Software Research and Development Talent Group are elected to “Grassland Talent” Inner Mongolian Innovation Group. The research directions of the lab include:

1. Pattern recognition and machine learning. It focused on Mongolian language, and other languages, image information, research text recognition, speech recognition, information retrieval and data processing, and develop applications. 

Members: Prof. Gao Guanglai, Prof. Wang Junyi, Assoc. Prof. Zhang Xueliang, Assoc. Prof. Wei Hongxi, PhD, Assoc. Prof. Ban Zhijie, Assoc. Prof. Bao Feilong, Assoc. Prof. Shao Yunxue

2. Natural Language Processing. It focused on Mongolian and other languages, research construction of large scale corpus, machine translation and cross language information retrieval and key technology of Mongolian software developing.

Members: Prof. Hou Hongxu, Prof. Gong Zheng, Assoc. Prof. Menghejiya, Assoc. Prof. Bao Feilong, Dr. Nuominghua, Dr. Su Xiangdong, Dr. Yan Rong

3. Graphics and image processing. It focused on video image segmentation and positioning, video and image encoding, 3D reconstruction, etc., and develop geographic information application.

Members: Prof. Gao Guanglai, Dr. Ma Yingdong, Dr. Batusiren, Dr. Ma Ming, Dr. Wu Wei

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